Some stuff


Small client for Flickr, done on Pokki-platform in 2011. Download Fliqa for Pokki


Co-creator of eTolppa-system. eTolppa is a smart-grid network for electric vehicle charging and car pre-heaters. eTolppa is based on Zigbee-mesh network. Project is done between 2009-2011.

Dynamic HTML5 Demo 2

Playing with dynamics. Done in 2011.

Dynamic HTML5 Demo 1

Playing with dynamics. Done in 2011.

WebGL Demo

Playing with WebGL technology. Done in 2010.

Smile Life

Small 3D animation clip done in 2005 with Hannu Aspelin.


The only image what I have from my 3D period of life, everything else is lost :( Done in 2005.

Written by Evgeni Gordejev